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A newcomer to Los Angeles, Violet is just beginning to break free from a self-imposed isolation. She is charismatic but presents a cautious aloofness toward those who try to know her more deeply.

Played by Jen Richards

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A driven, top attorney for LAMBDA Legal, Paige projects an image of composure and success, while tending to mask her vulnerability with her ambition.

Played by Angelica Ross

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A reporter with a passion for social change and an endless curiosity for experiences that differ from her own, Allie sometimes struggles with remaining objective.

Played by Laura Zak

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viagra without a doctor prescription Intelligent and grounded, James carries the air of someone who has conquered his demons and feels ready to find a romantic partner whose sensibilities match his own.

Played by Christian Ochoa

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viagra without a doctor prescription usa With a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to other people’s sexuality and relationships, Kat enjoys using humor to challenge the firmly-held opinions of others.

Played by Fawzia Mirza

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After overcoming violence and discrimination in her own life, and working for years at a women’s shelter, Lisa is opinionated and wary of perspectives that challenge her own sense of hard-won identity.

Played by Caroline Whitney Smith

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Idealistic to a degree that can read as naïveté, Pema is a newcomer to the Lambda offices who is eager to learn, and looks up to Paige as a mentor.

Played by Kat Purgal

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Bad Penny

A queer musician born in the UK, Bad Penny gained a cult-following among the LGBTQ community in Brooklyn. She is playful and irreverent.

Played by Elizabeth Francis

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Easy-going yet discerning, Jenna has spent most of her adult life surrounding herself with like minds, and holds a cynical curiosity about those outside of her usual circles.

Played by Kristina Mitchell

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