Her Story exists due to the collective work, energy, enthusiasm, passion, and dedication of every single person in these credits. Please take a moment to view and honor everyone who put so much into making Her Story a reality.

Her Story would not have been possible with the over 600 IndieGoGo contributors in over 22 countries who collectively raised over $37,000 to help finish post production and give us the ability to release the series online for free.

Very special thanks

Ada Douglass
Amazin LeThi
Anna Fitzloff
Ashley Lynch
Bergies Sock Shop
Cam Tims
Cassie Dunn
Chris Tuttle
Christin  Baker
Cortney Wilson
David Harris
DL Stewart
Early to Bed
Eden Politte
Kathi Bahr
Laura Stempel
Lena Anne Krug

Leslie Waleryszak Metzger
Margaret ‘Sissy’ Wills
Melisa Marquez
Michelle Goldblum
Nako Okubo
Rachel Simmons
Robert Wilson
Savannah Dooley
Sharmili Majmudar
Sheilah R. Sable
Steven Grooby
Vickie Henry
Willow Rose
Elizabeth Barnett
Jason Van Hest
Jessica McCall
Joliz Cedeno

Special thanks

Abby Gaskins
Ali Borger
Amy Williams
April Sanders
Arlene & Larry Dunn
Brittany Ashley
Dani DuHadway
David Johnson
David Kulma
Dennis Mykytyn
Steven Fried
Emily Greene
Heather Lohr
Holly Hobart

Jake Weinraub
Jason Director
Jeanne Champion
Karin Winslow
Kay McCausland
Kelly Savage
Keri Brakhage
Kirsten Escobar
Kyle Vegter
Steven Hudosh
Tessa Nordgren
Tohm Curtis
Vin Trinh